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I am currently working on several tractors. I have just finished up a John Deere 110 Orchard for the Two-Cylinder Expo XXII in Waterloo, IA, held July 17-19, 2012 at the Cattlemen's Congress. This year's featured show model is the AO, so I thought it would be fun to bring an Orchard tractor.

I bought a rough John Deere 110 on Craigslist with a bad Tecumseh engine. I totally dismantled the entire tractor, stripped it down, cleaned it up, and sandblasted the parts. To get it in running condition, I put in the proper 8 hp Kohler and rebuilt the transaxle.

The original fenders were modified into orchard style fenders. I extended the front, back and width to cover the top half of the wheel, then added orchard panels and skirts.

Another project I am currently working on is a Hot Rod 420 John Deere garden tractor souped up witha Buick V8.

I choose the 420 because it is longer and wider to fit this engine, and it has power steering. The Buick aluminum V8 was used in 1961-1963 and then sold to British Leyland and used in the Range Rover until a few years ago. I like this engine because it is small and lightweight.

Some modifications I made were to change two gears around in the transaxle in order to bring the speed up from 10 mph to 30 mph. I also extended the front of the frame and moved the dash two inches to fit the engine in the frame.

I have two other tractor in progress, a Cub Cadet that will be a model of a 460 IH orchard, and a John Deere 318 with a 2.8 Chevy V6.

110 Orchard Tractor

Here is the 110 John Deere garden tractor I started with.

John Deere 110 frame

The frame, stripped down, cleaned up, sandblasted and painted.

110 orchard fenders

Building the 110 orchard fender extensions.

110 Orchard, finished

The finished 110 orchard tractor with fresh paint and decals.

420 frame

The 420 frame, stripped down and painted, ready to install the engine.

420 with engine, transaxle, hood and fender installed

The engine, transaxle, hood and fender deck are installed.