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My interest in building model tractors started with a lawn ornament wagon to display flowers. The steel wheels I was planning to use were the wrong size for a wagon, so I used them to build a tractor instead. My first model was a steel wheel unstyled "D". I now use the tractor and wagon to display seasonal decorations. A large stuffed bunny drives the tractor hauling baskets of eggs at Easter time, and during Christmas Santa pulls a load of gifts.

Pleased with how the little D turned out, I was encouraged to build more. I built a non-running 5/8 scale Waterloo Boy. It didn't stop there. I have built 10 half-scale running models so far, and I am working on more.

My first tractors were built with just a few basic tools: a grinder, welder and band saw. I have gradually added a turning lathe, milling machine and iron worker. I use the iron worker often to shear and bend iron. I have made special attachments to bend iron to make grills, hoods and tracks.

With each tractor I build, I take photos and get measurements from a full-size tractor, then draw it out to scale on a big sheet of cardboard for my "plan". Many months are spent gathering and building parts. I look for an appropriate size engine for the model I am building. I usually use a garden tractor rear-end and rework wheels to represent the real tractor wheels.

Tractor and Wagon Lawn Ornament Pat's Garage, styled D

My models have been featured several times in The Toy Tractor Times in addition to articles in Two-Cylinder club magazine, Green Magazine, and Farm Show Magazine. I have been on the WCCO-TV program Out & About with Ralph Jon Fritz and on a DVD segment of Farm Show's Amazing Farm Inventions.

You can see my latest tractors at tractor shows in the upper Midwest region.