Pat's Tractor Crossing

handbuilt and customized tractors



Over the years, I have built many implements to make life easier. Much of the materials I use are scrap iron or wood which makes it more economical to build and customize to my liking.

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John Deere Plow

This half-scale 4-bottom plow was built to pull behind my half scale model D.

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Scoop Tote

This 3-point scoop tote is used for digging and hauling. A hydraulic cylinder on the top link allows the scoop to tilt for easy digging and dumping.

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Dethatcher and Vacuum

The dethatcher and vacuum makes yard work a breeze. The custom vacuum box is built to hold more than a regular bagger while keeping dust out of the engine.

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The manlift hooks up to a 3-point hitch. The basket raises by hand winch. It works well for tree trimming and roof work.

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Utility Trailer

Just one of many trailers I have built. This one tilts and has a winch to help load equipment. 13" car wheels and spindles were used.

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Center Blade

I made the center blade to fit John Deere garden tractors. It is used for grading gravel driveways.

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I used front axles and wheels from two John Deere garden tractors in this 3/8 scale wagon.