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Modified tractors

These unique tractors showcase models with an unusual combination of car engines with tractors, and other interesting modifications. They are fun to take to tractor and car shows because they draw lots of attention. Some were built on consignment.

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John Deere 110

John Deere 110 modified with 3800 Buick engine, 150 hp.

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John Deere 110 Twin Engine

Modified with twin 10 hp engines. The frame and hood are spliced to accommodate the engines.

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John Deere H

1941 John Deere H with 16.8-24 combine wheels on the back.

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John Deere M

1949 John Deere M with 252 cubic inch Buick engine with 150 hp.

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John Deere 140 Steel Track Crawler

Modified with 2-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine and hydro transaxle. The track is built with 120 hand-built pads welded to #100 roller chains.

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John Deere 140 Articulating

Modified with 3-cylinder Kobota diesel engine. Two 140 hydro transaxles were coupled so that both drive. Hydraulics added in both front and rear ends.

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John Deere 214 High Crop

214 modified with 16.8-24 combine rice tires and 17″ extensions on front spindles.

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John Deere 110 Crawler

110 modified with 16 hp Kohler engine. Rubber tracks are a snowmobile track cut in half.

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John Deere 318

The 318 lawn tractor was modified with a 1994 3800 Buick engine (170hp) and mag wheels.

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John Deere Shorty Tractor

This mini tractor was made from parts of a lawn tractor and shortened up.