Pat's Tractor Crossing

handbuilt and customized tractors


pedal tractors

These custom-built pedal tractors are not available as standard models. They were commissioned to represent one man’s collection of full-size tractors.

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Waterloo Boy

All parts are completely hand-built from steel. The fuel tank is made from a used freon tank, and the radiator is a cut-down car radiator.

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John Deere 830 Diesel

All parts are handmade with working differential and headlights. The back wheels have 6x8 pneumatic tires.

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John Deere Pulling Tractors

I modified two A pedal tractors to represent actual G pulling tractors. I milled out grill slots, installed chrome exhaust pipes, and built side engine covers, weights, fuel tanks and wheelie bars.

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John Deere Service Truck

I repainted a Gearbox fire truck, added an upholstery seat cover, tail lights, mirrors, antenna, hood ornament and decals.

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John Deere 7600

The 7600 was modified with big wheels and steel front axle. The pedals were removed and a weed whip engine installed to propel the tractor, then replaced with an ice auger engine for speed.

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John Deere 620 Orchard

A 620 tricycle was cut down to a standard size model. It has hand-made orchard fenders and screens, bigger wheels, and shortened pedals to fit inside the fenders.

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John Deere 530

An old 530 pedal tractor was modified into a single front wheel. I made a new front axle for the single wheel, sanded, repainted and added decals.

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Spoker D

The Spoker D is completely hand-built, including the wheels.